Being My Best for God was inspired by My Utmost for His Highest, Oswald Chambers classic Christian devotional. In a language your child will understand, each daily reading contains a scripture along with a brief meditation that reflects the profound truths in Chamber’s original work. An activity, question, or prayer is included each day to assist your child in applying the truth to their life. Read this original book along with your child and be prepared for some wonderfully deep spiritual bonding around ideas like these:

  • God made me just the way I am. I may not know what I’m good at yet, but I know I’m wonderfully made.

  • Real friends can talk about anything. They have no secrets. How do I let God be my friend? I talk over abso-lutely everything with Him.

  • There are times when I know what I should do and there are other times when I will need to wait before act-ing and ask God what He wants me to do.

  • Jesus is God’s picture of himself. The more I get to know Jesus, the clearer my picture of God will be.

  • Being forgiven is just like getting a gift. All I have to do is accept it and say, “Thank you.”

  • I will always remember, the most important thing is not getting my own way, but letting God have his way.

  • When I understand that God is my best friend, doing what pleases Him will not be difficult, because I would want my best friend to be pleased with what I do.

  • I know how much God loves me and that He won’t allow anything to happen to me that He can’t use to make me more like Jesus.

  • Whenever God says, “Wait,” it is usually because in the waiting time He wants to do something in me–to teach me something–that is more important than giving me what I want immediately.

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About the Author

Along with over 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, Kent Garborg is an active volunteer in his church and is co-founder and president of Verus Community, a non-profit organization providing mentor-ing, housing and employment to men with a history of substance abuse. Kent and his beautiful wife, Betty, enjoy the precious gift of spending time with their children and grandchildren in Bloomington, MN.